Online Support Tutorials for the Elementary Level Learning

In these difficult times due to the Covid 19 virus the RSPBA are aware of the difficulties that its membership has in maintaining their involvement within the Pipe Band Fraternity and are making a concerted effort to engage the membership by raising awareness of their Educational aims and Objectives through the RSPBA Pipe Band College.

The Pipe Band College have identified several areas where they can impact and engage their members and have further released in their New Web site a series of Online Support Tutorials for the Elementary Level Learning.

These Tutorials are in a Video format and have been produced and presented by Robert Wallace on behalf of The RSPBA Pipe Band College.

Robert is the Editor of Piping Press and much respected Piper, Tutor and Adjudicator of International acclaim.

The Tutorials are targeted towards Potential learners of the Highland Bagpipe, who may not, at this important time in their learning development, have Tutor Support and Guidance, due to the current circumstances that we face.

The Tutorials are presented as a series of 14 Lessons derived from the RSPBA Structured Learning Book 1 which is also available from the RSPBA as a free download using the Learning » Pipe Band College » Structured Learning Books menu option above.

These videos which offer elementary teaching on the bagpipe/chanter from Robert Wallace of Piping Press

RSPBA Pipe Band College

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