2 Parted Reels

Tune Name Pipe Score Note
Alick C McGregor [pdf] Added for 2016
Angus MacLellan [pdf] Added for 2016
Bessie MacIntyre [pdf] Added for 2019
Ca’ the Ewes [pdf] Added for 2017
Caber Feidh [pdf] Added for 2016
Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree [pdf] Added for 2016
Circassion Circle [pdf] Revised for 2014
Colonel MacLeod [pdf] Revised for 2014
Duncan Findlay’s Reel [pdf] Added for 2016
East Wood Cottage [pdf] Revised for 2014
Famous Ballymote [pdf] Revised for 2014
Flora, Mrs MacLeod of MacLeod [pdf] Added for 2016
Forrest Lodge [pdf] Added for 2018
Gena MacLeod [pdf] Added for 2016
High Road to Linton [pdf] Revised for 2014
Jock Wilson’s Ball [pdf] Revised for 2019
Johnnie MacDonald’s Reel [pdf] Added for 2018
Kalabakan [pdf] Added for 2016
Lexy McAskill [pdf] Added for 2016
Lord James Murray [pdf] Revised for 2014
Lt. Col DJS Murray [pdf] Added for 2016
MacKay From Skye [pdf] Added for 2017
Major David Manson [pdf] Added for 2016
Marion and Donald [pdf] Revised for 2014
Miss Girdle [pdf] Revised for 2014
Mo Chuachag Laghach Thu [pdf] Added for 2020
Molly on the Shore [pdf] Revised for 2014
Over the Isles to America [pdf] Added for 2016
Pipe Major Calum Campbell [pdf] Added for 2016
Piper of Drummond [pdf] Revised for 2014
Sheila McMurchy’s Dance [pdf] Added for 2016
Sleepy Maggie [pdf] Revised for 2014
Tail Toddle [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Ale is Dear [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Auld Wife A’Hint The Door [pdf] Added for 2020
The Barmaid [pdf] Added for 2021
The Blackberry Bush [pdf] Added for 2016
The Blackcock’s Dance [pdf] Added for 2021
The Bridge Of Garry [pdf] Added for 2020
The Brown Haired Maid [pdf] Added for 2017
The Fairy Dance [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Man from Glengarry [pdf] Added for 2016
The Miller’s Fair Daughter [pdf] Added for 2021
The Night We Had The Goats [pdf] Added for 2021
The Raven’s Rock [pdf] Added for 2021
The Silver Spear [pdf] Revised for 2014
The Sound of Sleat [pdf] Added for 2016
Thomson’s Dirk [pdf] Added for 2018
Willie Murray [pdf] Revised for 2019
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