Pipe Band College – Outreach Education Pathways

SCQF/PDQB Learning Programmes

The Pipe Band College offers as part of our education objectives a series of outreach programmes.

These include SQA / PDQD approved courses which are delivered as outreach programmes through The RSPBA’s Branch framework and designated centres.

These programmes are led by RSPBA approved instructors who deliver a syllabus which prepares candidates to participate in SQA learning opportunities for both pipers and snare drummers within pipe bands, and PDQB learning opportunities for bass and tenor drummers.

  • Pipers can participate in SQA National Progression Awards from SCQF level 2 Chanter to SCQF level 6 Bagpipes. Pipers can also progress further through Professional Development Awards SCQF levels 7 and 8 Bagpipes.
  • Snare drummers can participate in SQA National Progression Awards from SCQF levels 2 to 6.
  • Bass and tenor drummers can participate in PDQB certificates from levels 1 to 6.

The documents below can be downloaded, they contain information regarding the learning expectations for both the Theory and Practical elements of SQA/PDQB assessments.

All Theory papers are samples. Please note – the Theory expectations for piping, snare drumming and bass/tenor drumming are the same, with the exception of maintenance of instruments and music writing aspects.

RSPBA Pipe Band College

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